We’re bringing back the MOWTEL for SLUSH 2017!

by Timothy Shipp –

Mowtel Slush

MOW once again combines co-working and co-living for the SLUSH weekend, transforming office space into a sleek boutique hotel room for visiting conference-goers.

What happens when you combine co-working with co-living for the coolest tech conference in the world?

The MOW Helsinki MOWTEL, that's what.

Front door access to a radical collaboration platform in the middle of Finland’s biggest tech startup event of the year isn’t part of the standard amenity package at most hotels.  But for those who have their lucky ticket punched, a boutique private room at MOW Mothership will come with just that, alongside the standards like a welcoming bed, a stocked mini-bar, and a goodie-bag of local products from our friends at Sugar Helsinki.

The MOWTEL is a pop-up accommodation first trialed during the Flow Festival Weekend earlier this year.  A successful experiment, it blurred the lines between working, living, and festivity-making by putting a lodging in the middle of the innovative co-working hub that is MOW Stargate.

With the SLUSH conference bringing everyone to town, finding a place to stay isn’t always easy, so we’re lending a hand by doing what it is we do.  As a pioneer of all things innovative and futuristic, MOW is once again taking co-working to the next level, transforming the space at MOW Mothership into a comfy hotel room with all the added perks.

Imagine, waking up at the office, pulling on your robe, strolling out of your hotel room, and greeting your one-weekend-only neighbors from the MOW community over a steaming mug of coffee and the latest news from Helsinki’s intrepid entrepreneurs.

This is the MOWTEL, a hotel like no other, where community becomes personal, where the office becomes a home, where the conference experience becomes something new and unique.