Want to be a part of the MOW Crew in Helsinki?

by Jenni Bergendahl –

Mothership Frontdesk

MOW is looking to expand our Crew in Helsinki and looking for a Command Center Specialist. Is it you?

Our CCS’s are in charge of the MOW Front Desk, i.e. the Command Center, which is the engine that runs our spaceships. Your tasks range from greeting guests, creating memberships, giving tours to knowing the ins and outs of the building, its people and their preferences. 

We don’t stick to traditional job descriptions, but your day will include at least the following:

  • creating member profiles, keycards and managing the platforms on which these operate
  • greeting guests, sorting mail and helping out in community management 
  • managing hub resources from our electric car to meeting rooms
  • tendering and ordering various things related to everyday life, events and projects
  • helping out with hub events, projects and initiatives
  • taking bookings from non-members for meetings and events

What we’re looking for in our new Crew mate:

  • prior work experience in relevant customer service related field
  • an ability to juggle several tasks simultaneously without losing focus
  • someone who can operate fluently in both Finnish and English, spoken and written
  • a love of organized systems, whether it’s your files, your workspace or your hub
  • an ability to bend word processing, excel sheets and to do lists to your will
  • the ability to express yourself eloquently in both written communication and face to face encounters
  • a ridiculously strong ‘can do’ attitude. If something isn’t possible, we’ll make it possible
  • prior experience of CRM platforms, newsletters, building security systems and membership management is a nice bonus, although not critical.
  • and lastly (and most importantly): PEOPLE SKILLS. You’re the first point of contact for people at MOW, whether it’s our members or visitors. We want to make them feel like they’re the most important person in the world, we need you to help us with this.

We also want to give you the opportunity to put your other strengths into play, so if you have a passion or skills in the following areas, you’re welcome to develop them here: social media, events management, safety matters, a love of bad jokes.

The contract is for full-time employment, starting in Jul/Aug 2018. Deadline for applications is Mon 11.6.2018. Send your CV, cover letter, video introduction or any other relevant application format of your choice to us at: