Software for hard work - 5 killer productivity apps you didn't know about

by Anni Karjala –

Do you often download a pile of apps and soon delete them unused? That’s probably because they didn’t really provide you with real any value.. As a valentine’s gift for you, we collected the 5 top apps to improve your efficiency at work! Here you go:

1.  Never lose an idea again

Life is busy and oops, didn’t take notes happens. Writing might be too slow or you don’t have paper and a pen nearby. Ideas are merciless - they hit you fast, you only have a fleeting moment to catch them.

To minimize the risk of losing them, it’s definitely worth it to try voice recording. A supreme way to catch your thoughts fast and easy. Try recording meetings, or take voice notes on the go. An app to try is definitely apple’s own Voice memos, or Audio for Android.

2. Zen your posting

Ulysses is an app that makes your writing and posting easier. Using the app, you don’t need to open many different websites to post the same content, you can just open the app and post to many places at once.  It works well for writing blog posts, articles, and even longer-form content. You can export to HTML, Markdown, ePub, PDF, Word, or even straight to Medium or WordPress. It has many other features as well - worth checking out!

3. Rock PDFs

To make PDFs great again, try the PDFpen. It’s truly the swiss army knife of PDF editors. The app allows you to do things with PDFs you didn’t think were possible! You can for instance edit text & images. PDFs won’t ever feel boring again!

4. Track everything

A crucial aspect of learning is the art of habit formation. Thanks to our evolutive traits we all suck at it, some people less and some more. Thankfully, our species has evolved so much as to having developed apps, even ones to help our habit formation. In addition to this, Strides follows up on your progress by providing you with well-visualized stats. An excellent tool for forming new, productivity-enhancing habits!

5. Hack your life

For you to succeed in work, it’s essential to have a balance in your life. Life Cycle is an app that tracks your location and helps you find out where you spend time and how much. Like in many other apps, visualization is the key. Realizing, for instance, that you commute for 1,5h a day might make you want use the time more efficiently, like preparing for a meeting or listening to audio books.