Skill, Bill - 5 core competences you will need in the next 10 years

by Anni Karjala –

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I recently stumbled across a paper that collected all the estimations on what automation will do to jobs. The results varied between 7-400 million jobs lost, and 1-15 million created. So a slight marginal of a few hundred million. Alrighty, no further questions then!

Though seemingly overwhelming, the scope of variation shows that nobody, not even the experts, really knows what looms in the horizon of work. The only thing that seems certain is change.

In this context, making any suggestion on the skill set needed for the future might seem bold. However, given the setting, we do have one conclusion to draw. It seems clear that in the near future, the most important abilities have to do with adapting to change and new, complex environment. Below, you can find five competences that will benefit your career in the years to come.

1.   Courage

Change is scary, but if you let it take over, it paralyzes you. In the turmoil of change, courage is one of the most crucial qualities for your career. By being brave you are able to try your limits and bend the rules, which are definite prerequisites for success.

2.   Self-awareness

Being aware of your own strengths and weaknesses is immensely valuable. Reflecting on your performance ensures that you always keep learning the things you don’t yet master. Self-awareness is a huge benefit when doing anything in diverse environments of modern work, as it enables you to trust yourself and keep the eye on the ball even in tricky situations.

3.   Creativity

The king of all skills! Organizational creativity is a competitive advantage, and roots in the creativity of the individuals. That’s why companies see it as something extremely valuable. The skill is also important for the future years, because robots won’t be able to think creatively any time soon.

4.   Critical thinking

In the age of information overload, it’s essential to be able to tell relevant information from bs. The ability makes you a faster learner and better at formulating crisp, concise insight to complex phenomenon.

5.   Self-expression

The better you are at expressing your thoughts, the more likely you get your message through - and the value of your insight becomes noticed. Learning self expression requires patience and time, but will pay off for sure!