MOW’s new eco-conscious residents could be your ticket to loving this year’s Vegan Challenge.

by Timothy Shipp –

Vegaanhaasti Participating

MOW humbly recommends some local vegan protein options for not just surviving, but loving the new year’s Vegan Challenge (#vegaanihaaste2018).

How are you starting off the New Year?  May we casually recommend a new diet?  How about trying the vegaanihaaste (Vegan Challenge)!

The Vegan Challenge could be your standard-form New Year’s Resolution, except that you are asked to publicly pledge your commitment, and, oh yeah, it only needs to last for one month instead of twelve.  The point? To do something good for Earth, together with thousands of other local participants, and, well, to make veganism look sexy on social media while you are at it.  Sound like fun?

It does for the 10,000 participants already pledged, and the various political and local celebrities who have been challenged to the task. 

The first month of the new year, for those who fancy it, will be all about learning to eat a purely plant and fungus-based diet, in case you weren’t sure what exactly veganism is.  

If you’re still unsure about what the diet entails, or if you want to book a personal vegan coach to help you navigate the grocery store aisles and your favored restaurant menus, head over to the Vegan Challenge’s website portal.

Otherwise, look no further than two brands/businesses that call the Mothership of Work their home, for some tasty vegan protein alternatives to traditional dairy and meat products.  These are the veteran player Oatly and the new up-and-comer Vöner, both of whom MOW is proud to host.    

First up, is Oatly, whose products are being hoarded by panicked shoppers whose growing familiarity with near empty Oatly shelves at their local market is teaching them new crisis-mitigation techniques. What does Oatly make that you need to know about?  

Well, do you start your day off with a cup of coffee?  As you reach for the cream and sugar, out of habit, remind yourself that white sugar is often not vegan (because they use bones from the slaughterhouse to make the charcoal for the filtration system that makes it white) and cream, well lets just say that it doesn’t grow in the ground.

So, what are you to do? Break your long-standing tradition of having coffee with cream? No way!  Just hit up your local grocer for some of Oatly’s Barista Edition creamer made purely from Scandinavian oats.

Second, when it comes time to have your commitment to completing this year’s challenge tested, perhaps late-night Friday, with a bad case of the munchies, don’t bite for the first kebab stand you see. Instead, seek out only those local döner spots that rock a menu with Vöner’s vegan kebab as an option. Vöner has a newly launched and totally killer vegan kebab that is made mostly of wheat protein.

If you feel that tracking down vegan kebab is too much of a treasure hunt, then we advise you to call Pizza Express Kruununhaka and order in a vegan pizza topped with Vöner’s protein product.

Don’t worry, these pizza’s are on sale this month as a part of the Vegan Challenge and they will put you out for less than ten euros per pie. That’s a pretty solid late-night munchies cure if you ask us.   

So, what does the Vegan Challenge, caring about the environment, Oatly, and Vöner have to do with MOW’s co-working hub?  Well, stay tuned for our interviews with Oatly and Vöner in the coming weeks to read about just why these vegan pioneers have chosen MOW’s voyagers as their home-base.