MOW celebrates 2nd birthday with epic party

by Timothy Shipp –

2017 Mow 7470

Don’t think about it -come celebrate with MOW folks and friends tonight, February 1st. MOW will celebrate its two years of active service to entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation and peer into the future over locally crafted beers, an all vegetarian haute-cuisine menu from the chefs at Yes Yes Yes, and the guidance of fortune-telling future analysts.

Today, MOW celebrates its second birthday starting at 17:00. 

For an office space, the Mothership has some pretty epic life stories to tell.  First, it came into being under the guidance of an eight-person concept team from Sponda that included future of work expert Marjaana Toiminen from MindMill Network, a MOW member since the very beginning. Marjaana will be speaking about the future of work at tonight's speed conference, make sure you don't miss it!    

Once established, the Mothership took on urban activist Nina Ruotsalainen as a sort-of “Master of the Vibes,” and a high caliber team of event and design professionals and artists to build the hippest, most creative co-working hub for entrepreneurs, NGOs, freelancers, movers, and shakers. 

Nina, if you must know, throws one hell of a party. 

Nina is responsible for all things MOW and has also been behind the scenes of prominent cultural productions like Streat Helsinki and the Helsinki Night Market.  If you see her around, say hi! but try not to take too much of her time as she’ll be busy making sure MOW has the best birthday party ever.   

With a fluid and dynamic concept in place, MOW’s first year was about cultivating real community in its space and around the orbits of its member planets.  The big-thinking yet detail-oriented Fleet Commander, Nina Ruotsalainen, put MOW’s service principles on paper in an article she wrote last year:

“Think into the future, Think small, Listen, Think like a community, Never think you know what you’re doing.”

Following these principles, MOW gained immediate recognition, being awarded Best Office Space at the Nordic Startup Awards in 2016. 

The recipe for success is simple: listen to your community, value input, focus on the little things, and keep innovating.

As Nina put it:

“Running a hub that may be the platform for the next Finnish success story or the solution to income inequality means that we have the privilege of being surrounded by folks often smarter than ourselves. This also means these are people with excellent ideas, and it’s worth taking the time to listen to them.”

Riffing on their success, MOW invested in creating a second building in Ruoholahti in 2017.  It opened with some fanfare last Fall under the name Stargate. Now that the MOW fleet has grown to include the Mothership and the Stargate, MOW is looking forward to another year of innovative projects.

These include Launchpad, a support program for projects that work for a good cause, a revamped membership design to encourage smaller start-ups and entrepreneurs, a mentor program to let members help students and the unemployed, and more days open for the MOWtel to facilitate networking with international guests. 

In addition to that, well, the sky seems to be the limit with MOW's current operating principle of constant innovation.

As Nina explained:

“The worst thing we can do is assume we have a concept that is ready, and we can kick back and relax, gazing admiringly at this beautiful thing we’ve created. The form and nature of work continue to change and evolve at an increasingly fast pace. 

Instead of resting on our laurels, we keep a keen weather eye on developments in our own field, but also phenomena as varied as advances in robotics, the work of environmental NGOs and the newest players in the local graffiti scene. 

Community is built on relationships, and it’s worth assuming that your own box isn’t the only interesting one out there. Think outside of it.”

But, before we look too far into the future, its time to take a moment to enjoy all that has come of the first two years of MOW in operation.  So, come celebrate with us on-board the Mothership, over locally crafted beer from Stadin Panimo and vegetarian bites from the chefs at Yes Yes Yes! And be sure to get your fortune told by the customized black and gold fortune cookies made especially for the party.