Movies for inspiration - what to see this spring

by Anni Karjala –

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by Elena Sulin

Spring is right around the corner! But before you jump on your bike and head out to the sun make sure to steer by the cinema for these upcoming pieces recommended to you by the MOW team.

Isle of dogs – Wes Anderson’s 13th feature film Isle of Dogs opened the 2018 Berlinare. The film is truefire Anderson style with a story of a Japanese town where dogs are collected onto an island in the outbreak of a dog flu epidemic. This is the first time an animation opened the biennale in Berlin. And four years since Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel won four Academy Awards. Isle of Dogs cast feature the ever gorgeous Greta Gerwig and Anderson favourite, Bill Murray.  




Unsane – another Berlin International Film Festival premiere. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, this psychological horror-thriller will no doubt gain critical acclaim. Scheduled to be released in March 2018 the film features Claire Foy and Joshua Leonard in a thrilling story of a woman being held in a mental institution against her will.


Fun quote by the director:  “Anybody with no idea of the backstory to the production will have no idea this was shot on the phone.”




Thoroughbreds – a razor-sharp black comedy set in the suburbs of Connecticut. Corey Finley’s directorial debut is promised to unfold like “American Psycho meets Heathers” when two bored young women dream up the idea to kill someone they don’t like. An amazing tell of the times with Amanda (played by Olivia Cooke), having already killed a horse once, joins in on the plot. Amanda doesn't have Asperger’s – she just can’t feel anything. No stress though, she will just “Steve Jobs her way through life”. Brilliant!