Creative juices

by Anni Karjala –

Creative Juices

by Elena Sulin

Likely to work from 9AM until eternity busting the right side of your brain like the creative beast you are? If so, make sure you stay hydrated and nourished.

How easy is it to slip into your busy week munching on a stale croissant from the office breakfast five days ago? (Basically, if it’s there no one wants it, it’s no gift from above.)

Here are five easy recipes for you to blend at home and take with you to work. So handy at making sure you are working your prefrontal cortex to the max.

Note! All ratios in recipes are adjustable. Make ‘em how you like ‘em and be the creative that you really are.


Keen to try but not too into buying a bunch of jars of things you never heard of? Try this one, it will make you feel fresh and full of ideas! You can even skip the plant-based protein powder – just add peanut butter.





Plant-based protein powder

Pro tip! Try rice protein powder. Lighter on the stomach (and the office) than pea protein.


The 3PM office afternoon sugar crave is no joke. If you didn’t reach for the stale croissant in the morning, you will now. Instead of leaving you with a lust for creative spurts and the next meeting with your client – this treat will leave you hanging like a lacklustre piece of old cloth. So steer away and towards this delicious smoothie instead. Jam-packed with antioxidants and fiber, this smoothie will take you from gloomy to glowy in no time.

Organic banana

Grated organic carrots


Organic dates

Fresh grated ginger

Vanilla powder

Coconut water



Chia seeds

Pro tip! Always go organic when you can while squeezing in as many carrots as possible for a concoction full of vitamin A.


Still not convinced with this smoothie business? A quick latte and a biscuit has had you covered for the past four years? Try this! This blend will feel like a punch – full of energy and fiber from Maca and cacao.


Organic bananas


Cacao powder

Vanilla powder

Organic dates

Baby spinach

Almond butter

Coconut water

Maca powder

Pro tip! Add a little Himalayan pink sea salt for some extra twang. And remember to be careful with Maca if you have hormone-sensitive conditions.


Like to work hard, train hard? We’ve got you Hulk.

Organic egg whites

Oat milk

Coconut sugar

Vanilla powder

Gingerbread seasoning

Berry powder

Himalayan sea salt

Gingerbreads crushed

Pro tip! Make it an egg per portion. Unless you are a green, fictional superhero. Then make it two.


Yeah champ, feeling like a smoothie pro? This one’s for you! To be enjoyed all day long in lengthy sips. A surefire way to keep your ideas flowing while keeping spring viruses at bay.

Shaved fresh ginger

Organic turmeric

Organic black pepper


Pro tip! Add some organic apple cider vinegar into your potion to give it extra probiotics and enzymes.

Super pro tip! Chlorella. But make sure you have paper and a pen at hand. Things are about to get hectic.

A smoothie a day will only get you so far but an inspiring office space will take you all the way.

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