MOW Crew Grows: Seeking Command Center Specialist

by Juho Syrjänen –


More big news (again) everyone! As you might already know, MOW Stargate is launching towards the skies in August and our Command Center Pro Eevis is blasting to the stars along with it. This means we're looking for YOU to fill a pair of space boots here at the Mothership.

Good with numbers? Spreadsheets? Don't worry, neither are we. We're looking for a creative yet systematic pro to manage quite the variety of different tasks found here at the Best Office Space of Finland AKA MOW Mothership.

Your tasks vary from holding up the fort at our front desk, giving tours around the ship, making popcorn and other customer service jobs.

You're a like-minded individual with a lot of tattoos and/or a love for bad humor. You speak fluent English and Finnish as well as make a banging cup of tea. You will be a part of 10 person team, we're not too bad - but boy are we beautiful. 

Interested? Send us your application and CV at by 28th of June. Any questions about the job - please send a message to Eevis (

Interviews during week 27, we hope you can start shortly after.