22.3. Ahaa Helsinki goes MOW: Happy Success by Renja Reenpää

, Mothership

Renja 1 Pieni

This is the perfect combination of a workshop and an inspiring talk. We are going to start with your personal definition of success, but keep the freedom to discuss the topic from other perspectives such as company and community.

First we will define what does success look and feel like to you. Is it something you are after or something you want to avoid? Do you feel successful or is it always around the corner? We will also touch on some unconscious meanings that you may be holding on to and this way limiting yourself. Secondly we will look at success with the framework of a) time and b) happiness. We will see how it all fits in and you will find the shift you need to make to be on your way towards a happy success. 

Ahaa Helsinki is a partner who inspires and supports you to find your strength, take action on your vision on and reach your goals. We offer this in the form of personal and group coaching, inspirational talks and body movement practice.  

MOW Arena, 22.3. 5-7PM

Event open to MOW members and non-members. Wanna join? Shoot us an emai at